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Artist's Profile:

Arthur Espanueva dela Cruz is an Ilongo who was born and raised in a humble city in Digos, Davao del Sur. He finished his AB Philo at St. Francis Xavier College Seminary in Davao City.
He spent 11years as a Brother of the Sacred Heart and left the congregation a year remaining before his final vows. He pursued his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the UST College of Fine Arts and Design and finished the degree with distinction, even earning the Outstanding Thesis-Painting of the Year.

Dela Cruz started out as a figurative painter. But taking up MFA at the University of the Philippines, he has become increasingly embracing Abstraction. Moving from figure to formalist form of expression has given the Ilongo artist the redemptive space with which to explore faith, grace and enlightenment, a throwback to those years spent in quiet solitude and continual prayer. Slowly, the artist has realized that Abstraction enables him to rethink and reinterpret visual boundaries and to explore new aesthetic realities.

The real challenge for the artist has been to translate into visual forms ideas or concepts that are essentially abstract. But he has muster, relying on his admirable use of neo-colors and that symbolize some of his deep-seated religious beliefs. His new works is deeply inspired in the concrete realities of his new milieu, being a resident at the heart of Makati district for more than a decade.

The artist concerns and insights are truly reflected in his art. His new works is a series of a by-product of his meditations despite the hussle- bustle of city-life, a deep kind of spirituality fusing with all too essential humanity.