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Okinawan Tofuyo is specially fermented with Awamori Sake, which gives a special taste.

Delicious and Healthy !

Okinawa’s brown sugar ( kokuto ) is famous for it’s superb quality and health benefits.
With the special climate and environment, Okinawa’s Brown sugar has a special aroma and taste that can make your beverage and food tastier.
It is so nice that it can be taken directly as a snack.

Shima Taberu Rayu - Ready to serve.
Super Delicious !

Instant Mozuku Soup
Tasty and Nutritious !

Health Products

A place with Longevity and Happiness

Okinawa Sake - AWAMORI Ryusen


Health & Beauty Drinks

Gaba Min contains high content of Gaba and Papaya Enzyme which helps to relieve your body tiredness and also may improve your sleep

Okirei - Supports your beauty with the power of Kwanso Day Lily

Gaba Min Royal

Helps to improve your sleep

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